Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 January 2017
It was so nice to be included in the production of my furniture. To know exactly what was happening and when to expect my shipments. The quality and customer service was definitely worth the wait. Thank you so much! These items were purchased for a busy beachside hotel on Jekyll Island, GA so all of our guests will see your products and enjoy them!

Marlena Hand

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 June 2018
We loved the whole process from start to finish of seeing our products being handcrafted. Each piece is beautiful and exactly what we wanted. The shipment packaging could not have been better. Each piece was wrapped in multiple layers of packaging. The white glove delivery option was well worth the cost. Excellent experience. Completely satisfied.

Tonel Leibu

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 01 October 2018

Mac Garceau

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 November 2018
Love you guys!

Elizabeth Popst

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 August 2019
Love our table, chairs, and bench. Enjoyed seeing pictures of progress. Delivery day they arrived late around 5:30 when the window was 12-5. Took another 1.5 hours to get it off the crate and put together inside. Recommend better communication by delivery team.

Martin Flaherty

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 August 2019
“White glove” delivery service which includes full assembly, placement in house and crate haul away is expensive, but well worth the $200 when working with heavy, import items.

Alfred Baker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 December 2019

Rhonda Reeve

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 February 2020
I absolutely love my table and chairs!!! The guys that set it up were awesome!! Just hate it took 4 months to get it - would have loved to have had it for Christmas!!

Samedy Phou

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 August 2020

Deanna Harwood

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 November 2020
The dining table, bench and chairs we purchased is a very high quality, sturdy and beautiful. It did take a long time from order to delivery (5 months), but it was well worth the wait!

Victoria Wickert

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 November 2020
The customer service was excellent. Friendly and informative staff. My one suggestion: make everyone is aware of how long it takes for the product - for instance, my rustic bench Took 3 months. It is well made and I love it. The photos of it being made were a bonus. The shipping at no cost along with the excellent packaging were exceptional pluses. Very pleased, Victoria

Donnell Wright

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 February 2021

Nancy Hahn

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 February 2021
Great customer service; beautiful furniture; company stands behind its product; customer service excellent.

Carol Moore

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 July 2021
I loved the way you keep your customers in the loop every step and process was documented and allowed me to see the progress that was being made while my furniture was being made. Staff we’re readily available and always available to answer questions.

Chris Andersen

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 September 2021

Kimberlee Carpenter

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 14 May 2022
Beautiful, quality furniture. They helped me through the whole process. It does take awhile for delivery but well worth the wait. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Myrna Andrus

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 November 2022
Shopping, and ordering was excellent. XPO delivery failed your company F+++++. White glove service eas excellent and proactive in resolving XPO failure and went above and beyond to rectify by picking it up and delivering. They then installed so I could have Thanksgiving day and serve food at our new table and chairs. Kiddos to white glove service. A+++++

Edwardo Betancourt

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 April 2023
I was a little scared to make my purchase . But it was exactly what i was looking for. Love my dinning table .they did a wonderful job. And costumer service was excellent as well and definitely as well. I really recommend them . Thank you .

John Bouwens

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 March 2023
Although it took time to get the product I was kept informed as to the delivery. Package to ensure product arrived undamaged was impressive.

Clarinda Hansen

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 01 August 2023
Overall, all was well. However, there were 3 places on our dining set where the finish was not done well. I remedied this by applying some stain. but it was still a bit disappointing. We are still quite pleased with our purchase!!

Anna Goertzen

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 September 2023

Marc Shepherd

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 October 2023
Very impressed with the quality and heft of the product. Very serious furniture. Came out exactly as promised.

John Trimble

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 March 2024
The purchasing experience was excellent. Regular updates were provided during the manufacturing and delivery process which kept us informed and at ease. The delivery was well coordinated and courteous. The quality of the solid wood dining room set exceeded our expectations. Thank you SLC.

Amy Lawrence

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 July 2014
Although we were a little worried about the price, we are extremely happy with our table, chairs, and benches. They are so beautiful and well made, and we get compliments all the time. Such a unique piece; we are so glad we decided to take a chance on it. Customer service was excellent too! Thank you very much!!