Joan Lanning

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 February 2015
The wood our console was made from is absolutely breathtaking. We appreciate the fact that it was made by artisans and the slight imperfections are expected. The product exceeded our expectations, and we would happily order again.

Tyra Thompson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 March 2015
We love our TV console! It was delivered in excellent condition and was exactly as we expected from the pictures. It was well worth the wait and money!

Marie Defreitas

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 May 2022

Mark Mattison

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 May 2016
came as described, very well packaged for the shipping, kept me up dated as it progressed. great place to shop.

Fidel Forte

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 May 2017
I’m completely satisfied. The furniture has an excellent quality and the way the whole process is the best, so professional and specially on time!!!!

Ellen Boscov

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 April 2023

Mitchell Jackson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 March 2018
Customer experience is strong with high transparency into items, preparation and delivery. Packaged very well to guard agai st damage during shipment. Fully meet expectations!!

Tracy Stamper

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 11 September 2019
Never have I experienced such attentive and impressive customer service! It was an absolute delight to work with this company, and my new piece is an absolute favorite. Thank you.

Sharron Cherry

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 May 2018
My media stand is absolutely beautiful. It is a long process, but worth it. My actual arrival date was about a week out from when originally estimated, but I was able to track the process from start to finish, so I was never left wondering what was happening.

Jan-Marie Stroh

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 August 2018
Kept me in the loop the whole time. Always answered my questions and very good Customer Service

JOHN Grahm

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 November 2018

John Maliawco

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 November 2018
The experience for us was not without issue. It took a long time for the product to get to us; longer than the expected 6-8 weeks. Also, the delivery came after the promised 2-6PM window; they were over an hour late. But, outside of all of that - the product is amazing and beautiful and was well worth the wait. Also, the company has been superb in their handling of the matter. They're great communicators and extremely graceful in assisting every step of the way. So, even though there were some bumps, we love the company and the product we ordered and we would ABSOLUTELY recommend them. Thank you Sierra!

Louise Walker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 10 December 2018
I unexpectedly had to be out of state for awhile when my entertainment centers were due to ship. I was easily able to postpone my ship date until I returned home. At that time delivery was prompt, the items were well packed, and arrived in perfect condition. Great customer service.

Meenakshi Singh

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 January 2019
The Item I ordered is beautiful, though the whole process took long but it was worth the wait. I cant stop admiring the sideboard. Thanks you for the excellent job managing the whole process

Salvatore Aversa

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 January 2019
not too much

Mac Garceau

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 April 2019
You make beautiful, bespoke for!

Christy Pilkinton

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 April 2019

Lynne Lukert

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 June 2019

Scottie Caten

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 August 2019
a little disappointed that the custom dimensions I gave to hold entertainment equipment inside the cabinet does not work with the doors on. the unit is beautiful though.

Debra Acheson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 September 2019
We ordered a media center which we were able to customize. The process went smoothly and everyone was very helpful and responsive. The media center turned out just as we ordered; it is a beautiful, solid wood, high quality piece of furniture. Thank you so much!

Agata Suteniec

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 November 2019
Very good staff

Michael W. Hill

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 December 2019
Despite late delivery due to production and delivery delays to the States, we were very happy with the final product. The White Glove service is a winner and well appreciated, especially as all this was happening during the Christmas Holidays.

Marci Berger

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 January 2020
Beautiful end product; I appreciate the ability to customize! But please improve your timeframe from order to delivery. Four months was a long time.

Annmarie McKay

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 January 2020

Martin Crotty

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 May 2020

Randy Soo

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 April 2020
step by step updates online is really neat. the Sierra people were on top of all the details. and, of course the furniture is beautiful

Jerry Tarnacki

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 June 2020
Corey was very helpful and responsive. I like the tracking information you provide on your website. I had no idea the pieces would be so heavy. The trucker could barely get them in the house. I would recommend you emphasize the weight, and be a bit more firm about selling customers the within the house moving and placement of furniture.

Denise Beard

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 June 2020

Carole Robbins

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 July 2020
We are so pleased with Sierra’s whole process...from beginning to end. They informed us about the progress of our console every step of the way. Our piece was delivered’s beautiful. The craftsmanship excellent. The deliverymen were professional, friendly, and helpful. Thank you.

Erin Reineke

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 September 2020

Carol Walsh

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 August 2020
The whole process of ordering including customizing, shipping and delivery was smooth. I had been alerted when I placed the order that it would take 8-10 weeks which initially I was surprised. It ended up taking longer due to the covid 19 issues. I liked the ability to view progress via the customer portal. When things didn't seem to be moving forward I then sent an email and received an immediate reply explaining the situation which I appreciated. I was able to track the shipping journey which took several weeks. The delivery company was very nice and delivery easy. Best of all my media center is absolutely beautiful! Craftsmanship excellent, wood and finish beautiful. I am very satisfied and would purchase again from Sierra Living. Thank you!

Serena Souza

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 October 2020
The whole process and team are amazing!! We LOVE our entertainment center unit. It's perfect. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Ray Verdin

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 11 August 2020
Experience was great and status of the order along with pictures was provided. Only issue is that it took 3 months to get my order.

Mark Petersen

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 August 2020
Excellent customer service

Nadina Fiveland

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 04 November 2020
The console is amazing, indeed! The only thing what can be done better is an acknowledgement during the checkout of a long wait for furniture to arrive. I had no idea that in order to receive the console I had to wait 4 months. But it was worthy! We had a full support from Adam who was fantastic to keep us updated and helped us along the way. We are happy with our purchase!

Sherry Ferrante

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 October 2020
Beautiful furniture. However, had to wait 3 weeks for them to deliver.,

Gregg Kuehn

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 11 December 2020

Sejin Suh

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 January 2021
It felt like a personal small business with an amazing customer service agent who gave you her phone number in case there were any questions. Called back to change measurements and it was done seamlessly. It was amazing to see them build it in real time with real time updates. The product is more beautiful then I can imagine. Not like cookie cutter products but true unique and beautiful very slight differences between each hand carved door. It was also on sale so I feel I got it at an unfairly low price. Loved every part of the process.

Amanda Gordon

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 January 2021
I ordered a custom-made TV stand which took about 4 months to receive. It was very nice and extremely well-packaged for shipment, but it did have a rather noticeable flaw in the finish on the front. There wasn't anything the company could do at that point, so they sent me a compensation check. Still, I would have preferred not to have the flaw in the first place over a discount. My customer service rep was very responsive. Overall, I'm reasonably satisfied with my purchase.

Stacia King

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 February 2021
I am thrilled with my dining set and sideboard. The quality is top-notch. I love knowing I've got amazing, custom-made, unique pieces of furniture that no one else does! I've already got my eye on a couple more pieces.

Tara Gankiewicz

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 December 2020

Nancy Hahn

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 February 2021
Great customer service; beautiful furniture; company stands behind its product; customer service excellent.

Joe Zinecker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 April 2021
- The ordering process, including customization of the furniture for sizing (we shortened a headboard) as well as the stain/finish, was easy. - Sierra is able to make minor design modifications easily. - The products turned out exactly as requested and exactly as envisioned based on their catalog photos. - The quality of fabrication was outstanding! - The status emails that we received during manufacturing, which included photos of the furniture at various stages during manufacturing, was very insightful! - This furniture is being manufactured overseas, so be realistic about the shipping process (packaging for a long and arduous voyage, trucked to a port, loaded onto a ship, shipped by sea around the world, passing through the Suez Canal, unloaded at a US port, passing through customs at the US port, loaded onto a truck, shipped from the port to your home) and the time that takes! The total time from order to manufacturing complete ranged from 2-3 months, and then the shipping time was another 2 months. - The net result is beautiful custom furniture fabricated at a reasonable price and delivered in a reasonable period. I could not recommend Sierra more highly!

Michael Weiss

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 01 June 2021
I love that it's handmade and eco friendly but also has character and looks vintage.

Jason vonRiechbauer

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 May 2021
We really enjoyed the experience of shopping online. We used the live chat and phone call with the sales rep to select products. Very good experience. We also enjoyed watching the images of the products as they were built, finished and packaged. There were images loaded into our portal at one point that were two different images of the same product, so we weren’t sure which one was ours, but that was corrected. During the building process, emails that we sent with questions were answered promptly. When we ordered the furniture in November, we were told to expect delivery around the third week of February. In March we inquired about delivery and were told we could expect it early April. The order didn’t arrive until the third week of April. This was not a huge problem, and we know with the COVID-19 crisis, many things have been delayed, but communication in the portal on expected completion date and arrival date, even if it ends up changing would be helpful. I was happy to receive the survey in January or so about preparing for the white glove service. This gave confidence in the delivery process. However, it seemed that selection and booking of a delivery service was not initiated until about a week or so after the products reached the US and had sat in New Jersey waiting for pickup. Then the white glove service selection wasn’t booked until the delivery arrived at its closest destination. This seemed to delay the delivery as the products waited in New Jersey for the delivery to be arranged and waited again in Cadillac Michigan until a company was found and then waited at the white glove company until they could fit in their schedule. That being said, I realize everything is hard right now. The dining table arrived with damage from the shipping process. Flow of communication upon delivery and in the process of resolving the damage was a little confusing ( part of that was my missing an email). You promptly worked with us to arrange a replacement, which is in process. I really like the concept of your business model and we enjoyed the experience. We also love the furniture! I was nervous to by so many pieces with the finish that we chose. I loved the look on your website but didn’t know if it would look too busy in our house. But I love it! Thank you.


Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 March 2021
It was fine.

Octavio Navarrete

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 April 2021
Beautiful furniture, but too many months for delivery

Nicolas Abgrall

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 June 2021
Apart from the fact that it took 5 months to receive the furniture (obviously due to Covid), the XPO delivery people did not seem to be aware that we had paid for the extra delivery service. It was just a matter of telling them and they did the full job, but it might be a communication issue you can make sure does not happen on your end I guess.

bruce rodolitz

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 May 2021
I love the furniture . It took a while due to Covid , but was well worth the wait . It completely changed the look of the room.

Alfreda Alsworth

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 June 2021

John Micciche

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 May 2021

Matthew Bowditch

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 May 2021
We were very impressed at the craftsmanship of our corner TV stand and think the varied colors in the grain of the hardwood is beautiful. A very beautiful piece that will be a conversation starter as it is so unique.

Linda Coleman

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 26 June 2021
It was a great experience being able to watch my purchase being made and it fulfilled every expectation. A beautiful piece made to last well into the future. Thank you to all the staff!

Rita Rackwitz

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 06 July 2021
I bought 4 pieces of furniture for my bedroom, the quality was excellent. I was impressed to the level of packing that the furniture came in. The drawers to the bed was encased in an oak frame for shipping to which my boyfriend actually safe the wood to use on another project. Everyone loved the furniture

Martin Sappl

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 October 2021

Constance Zilinskas

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 November 2021
My husband and I were looking to purchase a nice custom made TV console. All the choices we saw on different sites were made of cheap particle board and veneers. I came across your site and saw that you offered custom made furniture. I thought your prices were high, but it looked like the quality was really nice so I decided to order from you. I know things were taking longer because of Covid, but it took almost 4 months to receive our item. I had no idea that it was being made overseas. When we finally got our console were so disappointed with the way it turned out and it also had some damage. The console had an indent on the top where someone had accidentally cut into the packaging. My husband wanted to return it, but we knew the costs to send it back overseas would be astronomical. The fit and finish was horrible as well as the quality of the product. ( My husband considered it even worse than you'd get from Walmart). I wasn't happy with the color of the finish either. Your site only showed a little swatch of colors to choose from and I thought it was going to be a little lighter finish where you could see the grain of the wood. If it had turned out like the product on your website I would have totally been pleased. The only reason we're keeping it is because of the cost to return it and it's being used upstairs in our bedroom where we're the only ones seeing it. I would never use it in my family room where others could see how terrible the quality is. My husband does woodworking as a hobby and the things he's made are so much nicer than what you offer. We now wish he could have had the time to make one for ourselves. It would have saved us so much in time and money. We will never order another product from your site or recommend it to any of our friends or family members.

Melody Lopez

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 05 October 2021
I love my new TV console, it is unique and exactly the eye catcher I was looking for... Everyone at Sierra living concepts always communicated the process of my furniture being built. The furniture is beautiful and the focal point of my room!

Amelia Lohmann

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 October 2021
The furniture itself is lovely and well-made, but the delivery was absolutely awful. I was happy to wait longer for my furniture because I know labor/supply chains are messed up because of COVID-19. However, when the delivery service received my furniture, they lost it in their warehouse for a month. When it was finally delivered, the delivery service messed up in several major ways-- which I won't get into. I am glad to finally have my furniture. I want to reiterate that the piece itself is great.

Virginia Segerstrom

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 November 2021

Rachele Gueli

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 December 2021
Wonderful and communicative customer service. Artisans that graciously took my requests during the process and made beautiful, high quality furniture. Thank You!

Courtney McManus

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 October 2021

Dustin Farris

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 31 January 2022
Everything went well

Joseph Terry

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 14 December 2021
Once I picked out the cabinet I liked, I was able to make changes to suit my specific needs. They kept in touch with me for my approval every step of the way during the building of the cabinet. Sierra Living is very easy to work with and very eager to meet the needs of their customers.

Brandon Shafer

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 14 December 2021
Excellent customer experience from beginning to end with informative updates regarding my order (including work in progress images which I loved seeing!) The quality and craftsmanship of the furniture is outstanding! I highly recommend Sierra Living Concepts.

Les Clow

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 January 2022
Great piece! Only reason delivery process is rated average is probably out of sierra livings control. Shipping is slow for everyone and especially with the delays at the ports

Kristyn Pritchard

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 December 2021
Great customer service! The piece of furniture I ordered is wonderful and beautiful! I love it!

Abigail Hughes

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 March 2022
We have several pieces from your company and we love each one. Great quality!

Donald Branda

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 May 2022

Simona Pozzetto

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 April 2022
My only suggestion would be to work with a delivery service that would help bring the furniture inside the house. The driver couldn't help, so he had to leave it outside. It was hard for us to get it in the house. Even if there were an extra cost, we would have paid it as part of delivery.

Terry Weber Rodriguez

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 April 2022
The overseas build while great makes for a really long wait for delivery. Love our credenza.

Thomas Chudeusz

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 July 2022
During these hard times ( supply chain ) issues, it was nice to have great email invoice updates. Without your style of communication, some would not be as pleased. Our sales person was wonderful too. Thank you.


Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 July 2022

Deborah Clarkson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 August 2022
It was so nice to be able to talk to a live person on the status of our new tv entertainment center. It was such a surprise when the piece arrived. It was carefully wrapped to withstand the travel to my home. The piece was beautiful and exactly what we asked for.

Lance Strickland

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 November 2022
Love it.

Cory Fecko

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 18 November 2022
My purchase from Sierra Living Concepts was a great experience. The customer service with ordering the furniture was very good, provided a confirmation drawing of the special order size to confirm order, provided progress updates of the product and delivery along the way of lead time, and the furniture was packaged really well upon receiving. The product delivered met expectations with good quality and workmanship! I would definitely like to make another purchase from Sierra again in the future.

Christian Godbout

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 November 2022

Susan Calamanco

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 January 2023
From ordering my furniture, watching it being built and delivery, I couldn’t have been more pleased and excited to see it in person. I have absolutely no complaints! So happy and thrilled with my purchase!

Maria DeCollibus

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 January 2023
Absolutely beautiful cabinet. Waited 3 months for delivery, but it was well worth the wait. I felt the delivery fee was pricey, but the delivery men did a great job!


Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 13 April 2023
received yesterday, unwraped today 4/13, there was a hole in the wrap the inner layer was perfect protection because it ended up being the front and all is good, looks better in person, wasnt sure after it being several months but very satisfied with end result. only other thing I could say would be to put out there maybe a little up front about the time frame from order to delivery but thank you, We looked everywhere coud not find anything close the look of this.

Carla McKeethren

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 May 2023
The furniture is lovely, unique and very well made. It is all ready for my husband's new turntable and speakers.

Mary Yeganeh

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 April 2023
Beautiful piece of furniture, love that I got to see the process of the piece being made

Malika Touhamy

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 April 2023
The entertainment unit is beautiful and very well constructed. I received progress emails and photos during manufacturing and shipping process . The piece came right on schedule. The delivery company was excellent and very accommodating. I am very pleased with the whole experience.

Jerry Goldsmith

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 24 June 2023
Sierra Living has an incredible online customer portal thru which I could see each step in the process and actually talk to the builders. I verified the stain, etc. And they would post progress pictures too. Nancy was a stellar customer representative. She helped me design a custom sized price. I got exactly the dimensions I chose. The freight company driver was very nice. The White Glove Service for delivery/installation was stellar. Marcos and team member. was friendly and took care of everything. There’s a ton of packing material. Everyone was on time. Sierra Living is outstanding!

Charles Storeng

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 June 2023
I was kept up to date on the progress and it was delivered within the time frame. Thank you Sierra Living Concepts

Sherye Lock

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 08 August 2023
Love your pieces! Have several!

Melva Rath

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 02 October 2023
I am a mature person over 70. down through the years I have dealt with lots of different business. but I have never come across one like this one! I would give them 10 stars if they would tell you how happy I am with this company!! they get 5. in every box. I bought large piece of furniture

Holly O'Shea

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 November 2023
Well made piece. We are very pleased with it. We do wish the piece made more allowance for multiple receivers in the middle console instead of drawers because we need them.

Reginald Russell

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 31 October 2023
The quality is SUPERB. I had a mixup with my recent delivery. I have ordered some more different pieces, hopefully coorsination of th white glove service isn’t such a pain this go round.

Lotfi bashir

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 03 February 2024

Jeff Mullins

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 21 March 2024

Al Taroli

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 15 April 2024
Happy with being informed while order was be constructed

David Saunders

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 30 March 2024

Wendi Carvalho

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 16 March 2024
This is my 4th piece and they are ALL simply fabulous in every respect!! They look exactly like the pictures and are so spectacularly beautiful when they are uncrated and placed in their forever spots!!! The white glove delivery is money so well spent too!!

Peter Nicholson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 11 April 2024
Great product. Good communication.

anthony Perkins

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 29 March 2013
I like the shape of the entertainment stand it was unique.

Kae Main Clement Wong

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 July 2015
I love my media console! Simple and elegant.