Kimberly Pearson

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 September 2023
Love the table! So sad that I miss typed my email or I would have seen the process. The table is beautiful!!

Laurence Becker

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 04 March 2023
The table is beautiful and came in great condition. It took a long time to get the table (4 1/2 months), but it was worth it. The delivery process was not good. The delivery company cancelled on us twice, which was a problem since i had rearranged my schedule to accommodate their delivery. One of the times they sent me a text the morning of delivery and said the items was out for delivery and would be arriving shortly. After waiting 5 hours I finally got in touch with the delivery company to find out that they were not going to deliver the item that day and would get in touch with me to reschedule for a third tiem.

Nidza Busse

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 31 December 2021
It was great. They were generous in offering us white glove service. Everything was assembled and placed. Fantastic.

Gretchen Spice

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 May 2021
Excellent... furniture is beautiful. Everyone I talked to was very nice.

Irina Milgram

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 February 2021

Jenniffer Deckard

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 February 2020
Dear Sierra concepts. We received out beautiful furniture yesterday. The beauty and quality is superb. My dealings with customer service were very kind and polite and reassuring, particularly a vey kind person named Rahul Nair. Please acknowledge him. From the website, I felt we were mislead on the expected time to deliver - by a significant amount. Had Rahul not been so nice and polite, I might have cancelled our order.or pushed back angrily on the company. Rahul made me feel better about things, and made me feel that I could trust the company. We expected to receive by late December or early January, But received shipment at end of February. The trucking company was average. The company that gave the white glove delivery was terrific. Considering how challenging it was on the delivery time, I still rated this experience a 5, which tells you how happy we are with the final product and with your customer service people. The customer service was so great because they were kind and made me feel appreciated despite the delay. That is valuable for any company, especially a young company. We will purchase from you again. I wish you success