John Costanzo

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 28 February 2024

Lisa Goff

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 23 May 2023
The bedroom furniture is beautiful, everyone was very helpful throughout the whole process.

Bill Muddiman

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 May 2023
The furniture is very solid & beautiful! I misjudged how wide the lip of the bedframe would be. It is much wider than I imagined, so it makes my small bedroom look very crowded. It will take some time to get used to it. It would be perfect if the lip of the bedframe was only about 2 inches instead of 6 inches. On the day of delivery, the trucking company initially only dropped off 1 palette instead of all 3 palettes. This caused an unnecessary delay in the White Glove guys being able to bring the furniture into my place for assembly. The trucking company originally said they would not be able to come back the same day with the other 2 palettes. With the excellent assistance of Adam Trevino, the trucking company did bring the other 2 palettes later the same day. The white glove guys were also very nice, capable, and professional throughout the delivery mixup. They would have likely been finished by 4 or 5 pm if all of the furniture had been properly dropped off. Instead, they weren't able to finish up until about 9:45 pm. The delivery snafu was the only bad part of an overall, very pleasant experience.

C Alfred Lawrence

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 25 June 2022
Excellent packing

Alexa Lasek

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 20 June 2022
I absolutely love my new bedroom set! Everyone I spoke with along the way was extremely helpful and kind.

Pamela McCafferty

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 22 September 2021
We are more than happy with our purchase! However, we were disappointed that no one contacted us to schedule a delivery date. Once our order reached port, we checked the status daily. Yesterday, much to our surprise the delivery man came. I checked the status again, and it still showed that our furniture was at port. Thankfully we just happened to be at home when he came. Other than not receiving notification or having the status of our order updated, we are very pleased with our overall experience.

Megan Heiser

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 27 May 2021
We love our new bed and nightstands!! The quality and beauty surpassed our expectations.

Anait Garibyan

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 19 December 2020
Delivery process terrible!

Kathleen Lipps

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 17 October 2020
Adam and the"customer service team" were FANTASTIC! From the initial order (I had many questions), thru the delayed shipment updates during the worse of the Covid pandemic, then delivery. My only constructive feedback is that I had to chase the updates, to determine delivery status, and learned that the COVID delayed the container from India. In addition, the Logistic company that made the delivery, did not have the adequate sized truck, even though I had instructed the representative off same, and were not aware of the "White Glove" service included in my order, HOWEVER, Adam again came to the rescue and saved the day. Even though the delivery company was misinformed about the order, and is responsible for same, I would still request from your company that you work to tighten up the delivery communication. Remember, customers still purchase from you, and would expect everything to delivery to run smoooth. THANK YOU for everything.

Martin Crotty

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 12 May 2020

Inga Karlina

Verified Purchase
Reviewed On 09 April 2020
You do deliver Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture, but the wait time of almost 6 months due to unavailability of bed planks is unacceptable.