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Picture of Thionville Twin Solid Wood 3 Drawers Trundle Daybed

Thionville Twin Solid Wood 3 Drawers Trundle Daybed

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Lorient Solid Wood Traditional Narrow Daybed

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About Daybeds

What are daybeds?

Somewhere in between a bed and a couch, daybeds are the new stylish and flexible choice for interior design. Daybeds are sophisticated yet simple pieces of furniture used for lounging, reclining, and seating in the common room. They have a physical structure that consists of frames on three sides of the bed rather than a headboard and footboard like those of a traditional bed. Daybeds are a very versatile choice for a hybrid seating solution and are perfect for small spaces and rooms. These can be used in living rooms, guest rooms, and even the kids’ room for additional resting space in a compact area. 

With many different styles and designs, daybeds are becoming an increasingly popular option for living and working spaces. Most daybeds now come with a pull-out trundle, which is like a wheeled frame to store another mattress under the main mattress. Trundles are extendable, enabling you to accommodate more guests for resting and lounging purposes. They also come with endless storage possibilities in the form of pull-out drawers and full and half ottomans that can be lifted. These will help you incorporate practical uses with flawless aesthetics. All factors considered, daybeds are perfect space-saving alternatives for homes and offices that do not have much extra space to offer. 

Different Types of Daybeds

1. Trundle Daybed: The most popular choice for a daybed, trundle daybeds are very versatile pieces of furniture that can act as a sofa as well as a bed, depending on how you want to use them. These daybeds come with wheeled drawer-like frames to hold another smaller mattress that can be drawn out when needed. Trundle daybeds come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

2. Storage Daybed: Storage daybeds are a must-have for when you want to incorporate style, comfort, and storage spaces in a compact area. These multifaceted daybeds come with a spacious storage area under the mattress base. Storage daybeds come with plenty of storage possibilities, such as drawers and flip-top storage trunk options. 

3. Canopy Daybed: A very stylish and classy choice for your interiors, the canopy daybed is becoming increasingly popular with designers and homeowners for indoors and outdoors alike. A canopy daybed comes with four corner posts that can be used to add some sheer fabric that adds a cozy, romantic vibe.

4. Platform Daybed: Simplistic and practical, platform daybeds have a low bed frame with a wooden or metal slatted surface, eliminating the need for any link spring to support the mattress. Platform daybeds may come in a variety of styles and designs.

Most Popular Daybed Sizes

Daybed Frame Size Dimensions (Inches) Dimensions (Feet) Dimensions (CM)
Twin 38" X 75" 3.1' X 6.2' 96.5 X 190.5
Twin XL 30" X 80" 2.5' X 6.6' 76.2 X 203.2
Full 54" X 74" 4.5' X 6.1' 137.1 X 187.9
Queen 60" X 80" 5' X 6.6' 152.4 X 203.2
King 76" X 80" 6.3' X 6.6' 193 X 203.2
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1. Twin Size:
The most popular size for daybeds, twin-size daybeds are perfect for just about any room dimension and space. Twin-size daybeds have mattress dimensions of 38 x 75 inches and are perfect for long and narrow spaces. You can add additional storage and resting spaces by opting for a twin daybed with a trundle or a twin daybed with an extendable frame. 

2. Twin XL Size: With a mattress size of 38 x 80 inches, twin extra-long daybeds offer a few extra inches length-wise than twin-size daybeds, making them more suitable for taller people.

3. Full Size: Featuring inside dimensions that are 54 x 74 inches, full-size daybeds are the right choice for small and compact spaces with dimensions of 10 feet by 12 feet, or 144 inches. Incorporate form and function into your guest rooms with a full-size daybed with storage options and extendable fittings. These are very versatile and can accommodate two people, making them worth the investment. 

4. Queen Size: With a healthy size of 60 x 80 inches, queen-size daybeds are becoming increasingly popular. If placed in a common area, these daybeds are best suited for spacious rooms. They are not as small as twin beds but not as bulky as king-sized daybeds, giving them perfect dimensions. You could also pick queen-size daybeds with a trundle and storage options for maximum utility. 

5. King Size: A twin XL daybed with extendable slats or a trundle will double up as a split king-sized one that has bigger mattress dimensions of 76 x 80 inches. Designed for larger rooms with measurements of 12 feet by 9 feet at the minimum, king-size daybeds are ideal for open and airy spaces. The huge lounging areas offered by these twin-to-king daybeds make for perfect resting spaces for adults. 

Materials Used in Making of Daybeds

1. Solid Wood Daybed: Solid wood daybeds are timeless and very versatile. Depending on the wood stain and finish, they add a distinguished quality to the room. Moreover, the natural and organic aesthetics of the wood are perfect for any decor style to exude a warm, earthy vibe. It's easier to find a wooden daybed to match any decor style. We have a collection of daybeds with wooden frames and trundles. Take your home decor a level up with a daybed with an exquisitely hand-carved frame. 

2. Cane Daybed: Sophisticated and elegant, cane daybeds are on the rise! Also known as rattan daybeds, these are extremely sturdy and durable daybeds that are so easy to style. Their vogue aesthetics allow for high flexibility when adding them to bohemian, traditional, mid-century modern, and even contemporary style interiors. Furthermore, the interwoven texture and elegance of this material will lend a timeless and classy vibe to your interiors. 

3. Upholstered Daybed: Incorporate an unrivaled feeling of luxury into your living spaces with upholstered daybeds. Upholstered daybeds give homeowners and designers infinite possibilities and combinations between their choices for fabric and colors. Modern upholstered daybeds now come with trundles and plenty of storage options. 

Popular Styles of Daybed

Traditional: Mid-century: Featuring clean lines and tasteful silhouettes, mid-century-style daybeds are ideal for neutral to warm interiors with minimal ornamentation. Their organic shapes and fuss-free designs bring a simplistic charm and joy to wherever they are placed. 

Modern: With elegant modernism and sleek design, modern style daybeds are perfect for homeowners who prioritize minimalism and natural elements. With extra attention being paid to form and function, these daybeds are just right for utility as well as aesthetic purposes. 

Vintage: Give your interior spaces a quirky and fancy touch with vintage daybeds. Showcasing aged designs and color palettes, these daybeds blend well with retro, cottage, shabby chic, coastal, country, and French-inspired interiors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay to sleep on a daybed every night?
A: It is perfectly okay to sleep on a daybed every night provided it is comfortable for you. You can ensure maximum comfort from your daybed by opting for a thick enough mattress suited for daily use. 

Q: Can I use a regular mattress on a daybed?
A: Daybed frames are compatible with standard mattress sizes like the twin, twin XL, full and queen, so shopping isn't a hassle.  

Q: What kind of wooden daybeds do we offer?
A: We at Sierra Living Concepts offer a wide variety of daybeds crafted from sturdy, premium-quality solid wood. These include stylish daybeds constructed from rosewood, teak wood, mango wood, and mahogany.

Q: Is it possible to alter the stain of the product?
A: Sierra Living Concepts provides you with a variety of stains to select from. So, when you place your order of a daybed from us, ensure that you select the stain of your choice.

Q: Is it possible to get a different design or customize the existing daybed?
A: At Sierra Living Concepts, we aim to help you find the right furniture for your home and office. Our skilled professionals will work with you to create a custom daybed design based on your preferred size, features and materials.