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Hartsville Sleigh Back Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

4 Sizes , 5 Shades

4th Of July Sale

$2,744.10 - $3,374.10 $3,049.00 - $3,749.00

Majorca Contemporary Solid Wood Platform Sleigh Bed

4 Sizes , 6 Shades

4th Of July Sale

$2,789.10 - $3,329.10 $3,099.00 - $3,699.00

Pioneer Rustic Solid Wood Tall Headboard Platform Bed Frame

4 Sizes , 5 Shades

4th Of July Sale

$2,564.10 - $3,194.10 $2,849.00 - $3,549.00

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Picture of Rebecca Solid Wood Curved Platform Bed

Rebecca Solid Wood Curved Platform Bed

4th Of July Sale

$2,204.10 - $2,744.10 $2,449.00 - $3,049.00

best seller
Picture of Sierra Nevada Rustic Solid Wood Low Profile Platform Bed

Sierra Nevada Rustic Solid Wood Low Profile Platform Bed

4th Of July Sale

$2,249.10 - $2,879.10 $2,499.00 - $3,199.00

best seller
Picture of Brocton Modern Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed with Storage Underneath

Brocton Modern Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed with Storage Underneath

4th Of July Sale

$2,879.10 - $3,599.10 $3,199.00 - $3,999.00

best seller
Picture of Clifden Rustic Solid Wood Modern Floating Platform Bed Frame

Clifden Rustic Solid Wood Modern Floating Platform Bed Frame

4th Of July Sale

$3,599.10 - $3,779.10 $3,999.00 - $4,199.00

About Solid Wood Beds

Solid Wood Beds

We build platform beds that dreams are made on! It’s a known fact that most of us spend one-third of our lifetime in beds, and a bed that is sturdy, durable, supports the mattress right, and is also aesthetically pleasing may do wonders for our overall mood. We at Sierra Living Concepts present Premium quality solid wood beds so you can relax and rejuvenate in style. 

Every bedroom deserves a bed frame that resonates with its core design style and accentuates it further. Beds come in a plethora of designs, sizes, materials and features. With our selection of 120+ unique bed frames, you can pick the one that reflects your personality.

Bed Design

Platform Beds -  All our bed frames feature a slatted wooden platform to support the mattress directly and efficiently, eliminating the need for additional box springs. The design of solid wood platform bed frames not only keeps the underside of the beds looking airy and easy to clean but also allows for efficient storage in the form of drawers. No box springs means that you can do away with those old-fashioned bed skirtings too.
Canopy Beds -  Ever so dreamy and enveloping, wooden canopy bed frames instill a sense of ageless grace and stature in the bedroom. Originally intended to conserve warmth and offer privacy, well-designed canopy beds are still the ultimate sign of decadence. The Memphis Weathered White Canopy Bed and Cayuta Traditional Canopy Bed are examples of the aesthetically pleasing 4 poster canopy beds in our collection.
Sleigh Beds -  A distinguishing characteristic of sleigh bed frames is that the headboard and footboard curve away from the mattress, The French-inspired neoclassical look of wooden sleigh beds still steals the show with its gracious curves and scrolls. Our solid wood sleigh beds are versatile enough to adapt to a variety of interior design styles. Check out the elegant Majorca Sleigh Bed from our collection.
Storage Beds -  A premium solid wood bed that is not just stylish but a highly practical space-saving solution too. Sure! Bed frames with storage ensure that every inch of space is utilized to its fullest potential in the form of slide-out drawers below the platform. You can neatly store away the blankets, duvets, sheets, or pillows with our Brocton Low Height Storage Bed or Mission Modern Storage Bed which not only comes with under-bed storage but also a display bookcase rack on the headboard.


Platform Bed Sizes: 

Platform beds come in all standard and custom sizes. Following are the 4 standard sizes that we offer, mentioned in increasing order of mattress size they accommodate: 

Full Size Beds: Full size (Double) Bed Mattress Dimensions: 53” x 75”
Full-size bed frames are a great fit for guest rooms, young individuals, or couples who don’t share a bed with kids or pets. Full-size beds with storage can provide a considerable amount of hidden storage space for your compact bedrooms.

Queen Size Beds: Queen Size Bed Mattress Dimensions: 60” x 80”.
With a bit more room to turn and move than full-size beds, Queen-size bed frames provide enough room for two adults of average height to sleep comfortably. 

King Size Beds: King Size Bed Mattress Dimensions: 76” x 80”.
The most preferred choice for master bedrooms, King Size bed frames offer an extra 16 inches than queen size beds, giving more room for people sleeping in with kids or pets, or those who would love to be able to stretch without accidentally hitting the other person. Amp up the style, comfort, and storage in your bedroom by choosing King size beds with storage.   

California King Size Beds: California King Size Bed Mattress Dimensions: 72” x 84”.
Ideally the largest bed size, California King bed frames offer an ultimate sense of grandeur and luxury in a large master suite. They are also an ideal and more comfortable choice for people more than 6.5 feet tall. All the used space can be compensated for by choosing California King Storage Beds. 

Custom Bed Sizes: The 4 sizes mentioned above are the most prominent mattress sizes, but our platform beds aren’t just limited to these. If you own a Twin Size, Twin XL, or any other custom size mattress that you have a hard time finding a suitable bed for, then tell us your preferred size, and our artisans will build a bed that fits in your desired room and accommodates your mattresses perfectly.    


All our wooden platform bed frames are beautifully handcrafted by our talented team of artisans using high-quality, kiln-dried solid wood. Each wood type has its own remarkable characteristics and aesthetic value associated with it. 

The beautiful Indian Rosewood is one of the most preferred woods thanks to its unique grain pattern and durability. 

More visually consistent designs call for the use of the elegant fine-grain Mahogany Wood

The durable and light-colored Mango wood works amazingly well for rustic styles or beds that flaunt a weathered finish. 

We have some unconventional bed frames made using live edge slabs of Acacia Wood and Suar Wood.

Reclaimed Wood is for the ones looking for an eco-friendly bed frame while wanting to add a lived-in touch to the space. 

The materials are not restricted to solid wood, but we offer some beautiful bed frames that feature a mix of wood and hand-wrought iron.


Rustic Beds: Emanating the true essence and textures of natural solid wood, rustic solid wood beds fill the space with relaxed warmth. Reminiscent of the simpler times of the old world, our Nebula Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed is an absolute delight with its rustic, rugged wood texture. 

Painted Beds: A splash of colors and contrast can make everything more interesting. You can breathe new life into your bedroom interiors by furnishing it with one of our hand-painted accent bed frames. If you have a bright and well-lit bedroom that you want a beachy look, then you will be so impressed with the looks of our Empire Blue Dawn Hand Carved Platform Bed. 

Beds with Carvings: There is something so awe-inspiring about handmade traditional carvings. Emulate that classic sophistication in your bedroom with our selection of hand-carved bed frames. The Calistoga Weathered White Hand-carved Bed would add wondrous amounts of glory to your bedroom with its majestic, hand-carved headboard and distressed white finish. The Lahaina Solid Teak Wood Platform Bed With Moroccan Style Headboard is another of such breathtakingly beautiful beds that showcase a meticulously carved frame, highlighting the true craftsmanship of our skilled artisans.

Low-Height Beds: If you prefer a low-height bed that reflects your minimalist lifestyle while also bringing a dash of interest and personality into the room, then our Dallas Ranch Low Height Platform Bed with its plinth base and carved railings would be a great fit. Lower beds are a great fit for modern homes that seek a more spacious, airy arrangement. 

Bookcase Beds: Bed frames with built-in bookcase racks could be a great addition to your guest rooms or master suites that can enliven the place with very little effort. Our San Gabriel Platform Bed Frame with Bookcase is perfect to style your bedroom with your favorite books and collectibles. 

Live Edge Beds: Displaying the natural edges of the wood, live edge bed frames have a distinct ability to connect your space with nature in a modern sense. The ones who love live-edge furniture and the natural character attached to it would not be able to resist the unmatched style of our Batesville Platform Bed with Single Slab Live Edge Headboard that comes with floating end tables attached to its extended headboard.  

We want our customers to have the bed of their dreams, and we understand that a lot of times one may love a design but it may or may not match their needs and a few tweaks could help. In such cases, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to design a custom bed for you, with your choice of stain, size, wood, and features.