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About Bar Cabinets & Bar Carts

Bar Cabinets & Bar Carts

Wine bar space is often called the second kitchen and for the right reasons. You spend a great amount of time in your bar area and it’s among the best spots in your home to invite people for a few drinks and long conversations. It’s natural to long for a liquor cabinet that reflects your inner personality and that blends harmoniously with your interiors. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine our options and make the best choice when it comes to bar furniture. A great liquor cabinet is like a best friend; supports you on your tough days and cheers you up on great ones. So, the best bar or liquor cabinet for you will be the one that is efficient, user-friendly, statement-making, and solves your wine storage and serving problems. 

It’s quite alright to be peculiar about the style and form of the bar cabinet, however, it’s equally important to consider the exact utility you wish to derive from the cabinet. How much wine bottle storage do you need? 20 bottle wine rack is the standard requirement whereas 48 bottle wine rack is the trending and optimum option when you are a wine lover and love to display your premium wine collection. How do you want your bar buffet counter? Where do you wish to keep your wine glasses? Do you dream of a corner bar cabinet or you wish to make your bar cabinet the focal point of your space? Would you require an array of drawers or adjustable shelves that make more sense to you? There are plenty of functions a solid wood bar cabinet could offer, what matters is your priority and vision. So, here is a small Buying guide for the Wine Bar Cabinet that will help you to choose the right fit that you’re going to introduce to your interior space. 

Types of Bar Cabinet

Large / Tall Bar Cabinet: Large or Tall Bar cabinets fill up more space than ordinary ones and provide excellent and spacious storage options. If you’re a wine connoisseur or wish to boost your large collection of drinks, you should definitely pick expandable bar cabinets. Their large space allows for discreet wine rack cabinets to store wines, champagne, and glass stemware racks to hold glasses separately.  

Corner Bar Cabinet: Corner Bar cabinets are a great option if you aspire to accommodate other bar furniture like sideboard or storage units into your space as they stand in a very limited area without compromising with functionality. Wine and Liquor Corner Cabinets are attractive, utilitarian, modern, and sometimes unconventional. They can offer a large number of shelves and charismatic wine storage options in addition to their own attractive silhouette.       

Bar Hutch: One of the favorite bar furniture, Bar Hutch allows a significant proportion of customization with features like glass-rack, wine bottle holder, or glass at the back, pivot tops, and more. Two-part bar hutches are a great way to compliment the interior setting of your bar area. Explore a wide range of bar hutches with multiple shelves and small cabinets too for ulterior storage and an additional look.   

Wine Rack Cabinet: Our handcrafted Wine rack cabinets are available in different sizes and styles thus you can choose from multiple options. Wine racks may come in various designs such as x-base, Cube base, lattice-shaped, stackable storage, or pull-out trays depending on how you wish to store your precious wine collection. Some wine cabinets also offer grid-style wine racks that are stylish and modern. You can also opt for open wine racks that display your collection and create a contemporary look.  

Home Bar / Mini Bar: It is imaginable that some folks desire a miniscule or minimalist bar set up that fits right into their wonderful setting without consuming much of their space. Our series of Home Bar and Mini Bar cabinets sincerely address those needs and offer bar cabinets that are smaller in size but offer a plenty of features. They are available in a combination of Solid Wood, Iron, and Glass. They come in different shapes ranging from rectilinear to slatted or curved exterior. 

Bar Cart / Trolley: Bar carts and Bar trolleys provide a stylish and exciting space to organize everything that you need in your dream home bar. They allow you greater freedom and a range of décor options to set your bar area. Aided with wheels and casters for mobility and featuring serving trays, shelves, and small cabinets for storage, these bar units create their own appeal and magic. 

Choose a Size and Feature that Fits Your Style

With such great options and ideas for your bar area, you’ll have greater clarity in choosing the best bar cabinet for yourself. In addition to the special features and sizes, you should always consider the material of the furniture because it’s a long term investment. At Sierra Living Concepts, we focus a lot on the quality of wood of our products and the engineering that goes behind their construction. All of our Bar or Liquor Cabinet are created from Solid Wood of premium quality and masterfully crafted by our skilled artisans with multi-generational furniture-making backgrounds. 

A home bar in the dining room or living room area is a special spot that could also become a focal point of your entertainment and casual gatherings. Thus, it’s natural to invest time in finding the most suitable, durable, and efficient piece of bar furniture. In addition to reflecting your lifestyle, your home bar cabinets can also become a place to store your out of sight beverages or items, or perhaps become a spot to display your best collectibles. Some prefer to keep their bar space light and delicate with minimum drinks and limited seats, while some take pride in inviting their friends and family to showcase their detailed and exclusive wine collection. Be it any occasion, a formal party or a casual gathering or simply a lonesome evening, your bar cabinet should deliver all that you require and desire. 

Let’s have a quick glance at some of the features of our Bar Cabinets. 

Glass Stemware Rack
Wine Storage
Drawers and Cabinet
Glass Doors
Shelves and Racks
Expandable Bar
Distressed Finish
Bar Cabinet with Fridge Space
Lazy Susan
The choice of features varies from person to person and thus it’s important to select the bar furniture that has your preferred characteristics. Our Bar or Liquor Cabinets are equipped with stemware racks, drawers with recessed handles, wine-rack, bottle storage, and more. In addition, some of the bar furniture comes with expandable tops for more serving space while some have interesting features like a rotating Lazy Susan or fridge space. Since storage space is an integral aspect of a bar cabinet, many of our furniture feature adjustable shelves, drawers in various sizes, and cabinets with spacious compartments. 

Novelty Wine Cabinets

Treat your whimsical side to playful shapes and designs including bottle storage shaped like boats, giant bottles, tractor, wine barrels, and wagon. We also offer several rolling bottle cabinets so you can move with your party.

Classic, Rustic, and Modern Designs

Choose a style and color that blends with your interior design.  Our rustic collections include Mancos Rustic, Oklahoma Farmhouse, Dallas Western, and Pioneer Rustic.   If you prefer classic styles consider our Parisian Cafe, Nottingham, Lincoln Study, Mission, and Shaker wine cabinets.  Our Industrial, Retro and Contemporary bar cabinets have a fresh, new style.

Raise your Glass to Handmade Excellence.

All of our wine cabinets and entertainment bars are handcrafted.  Many of them feature hand-carved and hand painted details.  If you need a specific size or shade, just ask.  We offer custom made bar furniture.