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Taylorsville Square Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

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About Coffee Tables

Solid Wood Coffee Tables
A coffee table has evolved from a simple, low, and large serving table and has become a staple for all living rooms for decades now. 

Shapes of Coffee Table
The shape of the coffee table comes down to personal preference, however, having a clear understanding of the shape will help you enhance your décor with the right coffee table. 

Rectangle -  If you have a large living room, a rectangular solid wood coffee table is an ideal choice to be placed in front of your sofa or upholstered chairs. The current trend is doubling up a rectangular ottoman as a center table for the living room. Pick up a rectangle coffee table with trunk storage to help you store and organize extra throws, pillows, and other accessories close at hand.

Round and Oval -  An oval or a round coffee table is a good choice for a small living room. A solid wood coffee table with an oval or round top is easier to move around, as it does not have any sharp edges, thus also lending a soft, contemporary, and feminite touch to the living room.

Square -  You can never go wrong with a square wooden coffee table. Square coffee tables are also a great companion for sectionals or a miscellaneous arrangement of modern seating around them. A 2-tier square coffee table will give you the desired space for curios. 

Size of Coffee Table: The size of your coffee table depends on the size of your sofa and the availability of space in the room. As a general rule of thumb, a coffee table's height should be the same as, or 1-2 inches shorter than the height of your sofa seat cushions. Lengthwise, the average size of a center table should not be more than two-thirds of the length of the closest couch.

Small, less than 40 inches: A 24-28 inches round coffee table is best suited in a compact place with a 2-seater sofa or for your cozy bedroom reading corner. You can also select a small coffee table if you have an L-shaped sofa. If you are looking for a coffee table for the patio, go for a 36 inches round coffee table. The Mariefred Rustic Teak Wood Round Coffee Table is one of our recent launches in this size. 

Medium, 40 to 48 inches: If you have a 3-seater sofa at home, you can select a round coffee table of 40 to 48 inches as this will not overpower your sofa and also give you sufficient room to walk around. A medium size coffee table with hidden storage will solve a lot of your storage woes. You can't resist the ornate looks and utility of our Beaufort Steamer Storage Trunk Rustic Coffee Table Chest.

Large, 49 to 60 inches: If the size of your sofa is between 80 to 90 inches, a 50 to 60 inches coffee table will complement it gracefully. You also select a 60 inches square coffee table if you have a spacious living area. A large coffee table makes for a wonderful focal point for all your living room furniture pieces. You will love our 55 inches long Natural Acacia Wood & Steel Live Edge Coffee Table.

Extra-large, over 60 inches: Perfect for an oversized living room, extra-large coffee tables boast unparalleled grandeur. A 90-inches sofa will go with a 64-inches coffee table. If you have a large living room, consider a 72-inches long coffee table to bring in warmth and balance.

Features of Coffee Table

These design features are what defines the overall personality of a coffee table and give it a stylish edge.

Reclaimed wood  : reclaimed wood coffee table is undeniably unique and exudes a rustic look. The beautiful reuse of timber makes it eco-friendly. We have a wide assortment of reclaimed wood coffee tables with storage. Based on your preference select a round, square, or rectangular reclaimed coffee table. The Firebaugh Reclaimed Wood 36” Square Chest Coffee Table is one of the popular choices in reclaimed wood.

Brass accents: Our collection of wooden coffee tables with decorative brass fittings is designed to incorporate the traditional décor style elements. Select a round antique brass center table to bring in an ornate, royal charm from the era of the kings and queens. You will be blown away by the princely details in our Breisach Marble Round Coffee Table With Steel Base

Distressed finish: A lot of modern-day homes crave that familiar, lived-in touch which you can fulfill by using a distressed tea table that not only makes a place look more inviting and warm but also adds a relaxed cottage vibe. A distressed white coffee table is a wonderful way to stylize a living room. If you love rustic style, opt for a distressed farmhouse coffee table.

Hand-carved: A hand-carved coffee table speaks of sophistication and grandeur. An antique hand-carved coffee table will be a pride to own for years to come. Check out the remarkable carvings on our Abruzzo Floral Hand-Carved Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table Trunk.

Live edge: A live edge solid wood coffee table has a natural look with an earthy feel. A live edge coffee table can fit into any décor style easily and will last for years.

Rolling wheels: An industrial coffee table with wheels and storage is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. A rustic coffee table with wheels can be easily moved around and can act as a serving table. The Adelanto Cart Coffee Table With Caster Wheels impresses with its airy, industrial aesthetic. 

Shelves: Selecting a coffee table with a bottom-tier shelf is a smart choice for your home. An intelligent placement of a tea table with drawers and shelves depending on its round, oval, or square shape can go a long way in complementing the living space. A glass coffee table with a shelf adds a luxurious sheen to the space.

Style of Coffee Table
Sierra Living Concepts houses coffee tables that are available in a wide variety of styles.

Farmhouse: A farmhouse coffee table with drawers and shelves will give you ample storage space. A round rustic farmhouse coffee table will add coziness to your living space while a white square coffee table will bring in simplicity. You can go for a modern farmhouse coffee table irrespective of your existing décor style.

Rustic: If your living room interior demands a countryside look, go with a rustic solid wood coffee table. A modern rustic coffee table will evoke a bygone feel. 

Traditional: Inspired by the styles of the past, the appeal of traditional coffee tables is timeless. They feature design elements like turned legs, bun feet, shaped aprons, carved sides, warmer tones, etc. Select a traditional wooden coffee table for your urban living space, be it round or square. Check out our Sierra Nevada Rustic Solid Wood Pedestal Round Coffee Table.

Transitional: Sierra Living Concepts has a huge collection of transitional coffee tables which are best in terms of design and durability. They present a mix of traditional and modern styles with less decoration but the usual classic touch. A transitional coffee table will be upgraded.

Accent: An accent coffee table will be a definite talk of the town with its interesting design. An accent coffee table adds vibrancy to the living room. Check out our Warrenton Distressed Reclaimed Wood Brass Accent Storage Trunk for a pop of colors and storage in your living room. 

Contemporary: Our contemporary coffee tables are designed to jazz up the décor of the living area. A modern contemporary coffee table will enhance the look of your room with its progressive look. Our Ladonia Rustic Solid Wood Round Coffee Table features a unique design that you may love.

Industrial: Evoke the purposeful factory feel with an industrial coffee table. Made of solid wood and iron, an industrial coffee table makes for a bold style statement, while also boasting uniqueness and durability. Check out our Choloma Rustic Rail Wood Block Iron Industrial Coffee Table. 

Parsons: Basic and timeless, a Parsons coffee table is defined by a simple frame of square legs, flush with the top. Its pared-down aesthetics complement minimalist and modern home decor effortlessly. Have a look at our Portland Contemporary Rustic Solid Wood 2-tier Coffee Table.

Cottage/Country: A cottage-style coffee table will look great in a living room styled in a rustic aesthetic. A French country coffee table is unpretentious and full of grace. Cottage chic coffee tables boast lighter tones, a distressed finish, and an elegant build.

Mid-Century Modern: A mid-century modern coffee table often has clean and simple lines that showcase the beauty of the timber. Neutral to warm color tones, splayed and tapered spindle legs, and linear forms define the retro styling of Mid-Century Modern furniture. The  Arrowhead Mango Wood Triangular Coffee Table incorporates retro styling with its unconventional shape that will add a brilliant modern touch to your interiors.

Easy customization
We provide you the option to customize a coffee table depending on the size, styles, and materials used. The customization service is free and easily accessible for solid wood furniture pieces. So don't settle for anything less than perfect. Let's create a remarkable coffee table set for you.